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This truly iconic event is steeped in history since it was established in 1966 by Queenslanders Erica and R.M. Williams who loved long distance riding and their Arabian horses.

The original Tom Quilty Gold Cup – which was named after R.M.’s close friend Tom Quilty who, on request donated the valuable trophy – is held in the ‘Stockman’s Hall of Fame’ in Longreach, Queensland.

Matthew Sample, owner of our complex and founder of Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Club, won the Tom Quilty Gold Cup in 2009 and the Sample family has a long history in endurance riding with Matthew, his brother Brook and father Bob having collectively taken home 33 buckles for successfully completing the gruelling ride. Between the three riders they have taken home the Gold Cup more than any other family accumulating nine wins over its 51-year history.

Melanie Scott, President of Australian Endurance Riders Inc, stated that the Tom Quilty regularly attracts overseas riders. “The lure of the Queensland “sunshine state” event is sure to increase overseas interest,” Ms Scott said. “Congratulations to the Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Club.”

The benefit to the local region of events of the calibre of the Tom Quilty Gold Cup cannot be underestimated and we hope to have the opportunity to involve the local community and key stakeholders in showcasing the region. The contribution this event will make to the Mary Valley and Sunshine Coast economies will be significant and we want to ensure all parties are ready to capitalise on the opportunity.

The Tom Quilty Gold Cup is the premier ride on the endurance calendar in Australia. The prestige associated with winning this event, as well as competing, is immense. It is the goal of all Australian endurance riders to attempt and be successful in this ride.

Source: www.tomquilty.com.au

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Tom Quilty Gold Cup History


Endurance riding has been an organised sport in Australia since 1966. Reports of the Tevis Cup endurance ride in the USA began reaching Australia. One person inspired by the concept of a long distance competitive horse ride was R. M. Williams, editor of Hoofs and Horns, a pioneer horse magazine in this country. It had a wide circulation and printed stories and reports of the Tevis Cup. An invitation was extended through the magazine for people interested in conducting Australia’s own 100 miles in one day ride, to attend a meeting at the Australia Hotel, Sydney on Tuesday 5th April, 1966 to discuss the possibility of organising such a ride in Australia.

Left: Matthew Sample and the Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Tom Quilty Gold Cup Locations

2019Imbil, Queensland
2018Scottsdale, Tasmania
2017Wirrina Cove, South Australia
2016Lexton, Victoria
2015Hawkesbury, New South Wales (50th anniversary)
2014Wagin, Western Australia
2013Kilkivan, Queensland
2012St. Helen’s, Tasmania
2011Mt. Pleasant, South Australia
2010Manilla, New South Wales
2009Tonimbuk, Victoria
2008Nanango, Queensland
2007Collie, Western Australia
2006Boonah, Queensland
2005Sheffield, Tasmania
2004Port Elliot, South Australia
2003Canowindra, New South Wales
2002Landsborough, Victoria
2001Mundijong, Western Australia
2000Boonah, Queensland
1999Deloraine, Tasmania
1998Mt. Pleasant, South Australia
1997Watagan Mt., New South Wales
1996Myrtleford, Victoria
1995Toodyay, Western Australia
1994Kenilworth, Queensland
1993Sheffield, Tasmania
1992Mt. Pleasant, South Australia
1991Tooraweenah, New South Wales
1990Myrtleford, Victoria
1989Mornington Hills, Western Australia
1988Kenilworth, Queensland
1987Sheffield, Tasmania
1986Gawler, South Australia
1985Colo, New South Wales
1984Colo, New South Wales
1983Colo, New South Wales
1982Colo, New South Wales
1981Colo, New South Wales
1980Colo, New South Wales
1979Wilberforce, New South Wales
1978Wilberforce, New South Wales
1977Wilberforce, New South Wales
1976Wilberforce, New South Wales
1975Wilberforce, New South Wales
1974Wilberforce, New South Wales
1973Wilberforce, New South Wales
1972Wilberforce, New South Wales
1971Wilberforce, New South Wales
1970Richmond, New South Wales
1969Richmond, New South Wales
1968Richmond, New South Wales
1967Richmond, New South Wales
1966Richmond, New South Wales - First Tom Quilty Gold Cup

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