Rider Info

This page will provide all information that you need to support your attendance at Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2019 at Stirling’s Crossing Equestrian Complex.  Any questions you send to info@stirlingscrossingendurance.asn.au will be used to build a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to inform others.

Risk Management and Biosecurity

The Risk Management Plan is available as a Microsoft Word document. This document provides information about the management of all known or perceived risks at our event. This is an evolving document and will be updated from time to time.

    Download the Risk management plan

Last updated 07/05/2019


Electronic nominations are being supported by Manehub via https://www.manehub.co/tq19.html

The information you provide will be sent back to you in a ready populated Entry Form, Horse Health Declaration Temperature Log and Travel Log, and a payment summary.  You will be able to make changes to your nominations up to 28 June 2019. 
Any changes after that date will be done at pre-ride nominations.

Rider Eligibility

a) All competitors must meet the following requirements:
i. Must be a current financial riding member of a DA of the AERA.
ii. Must meet the requirements of AERA General Rule (S1), 29.3 – rider status, and must have, additionally, successfully completed at least one 160km/24-hour endurance event.

b) A rider that has been returned to Novice Status in accordance with the AERA General Rules (S1), 40, Rider Early Warning System, 40.5, is ineligible to compete.

c) Any rider that is under suspension or disciplinary action by a DA, National or International Federation is ineligible to compete.

d) Qualifications for entry shall be determined by the AERA

e) Competition for the Tom Quilty Gold Cup Award shall be restricted to those competitors in the Middleweight and Heavyweight riding divisions.

f) Competitors in the Junior riding division shall be a minimum of twelve years of age on the day of the event.

15.1 International Competitors.
a) The qualifications of all International riders are to be verified prior to the entry being accepted by the Quilty Committee. You will be asked to provide a letter of no objection from your national federation and also proof of rides done, including a 160 km

b) International Riders must meet the requirements of AERA General Rules (S1), Section 32, International Rider and 15 (a) (ii) and (ii) and 15 (c) above.
c. International competitors that are not a member of a DA must become a “day member” for the event, pay the appropriate day membership fee and sign the appropriate paperwork for insurance requirements.

The AERA Rules, referenced above, are available here.

Horse Eligibility

a) All horses must meet the requirements of AERA General Rules (S1), 45 Horse Eligibility and 48 Endurance Horse Restrictions.

b) Overseas horses must meet the requirements of AERA General Rules (S1), 45.5 Horses from Overseas and (a), above.

c) A horse that has been returned to Novice Status in accordance with the AERA General Rules (S1), 60, Horse Early Warning System, 60.5 (b), is ineligible to compete.

The AERA Rules, referenced above, are available here.

Course Maps, Elevations and Event Schedule

Please click here to download the Course Maps and Elevations.

Please click here to download the Event Schedule.


Feed supplies locally

Mary Valley Traders the local Hardware and Rural Supply will be providing feed services for this event.  You can order online at www.ruralshop.com.au.  There is a diverse range of Feed products, Hay, Chaff, Animal health products and camping supplies. They will be providing a service to pick up in store or delivery options out to event site at no charge.  If there are some products you wish to have supplied that are not on the list please contact jorobey@maryvalleytraders.com.au to have your product added to the online shop. 

All orders placed before the 25th June will be guaranteed supply.  After this date it will depend on stock availability in store. 

A donation of 2% of all online orders for the Stirling’s Crossing Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2019 will be given to the Stirling’s Crossing Endurance Club.

Local Services

The ride base is located 9 kms out of Imbil where there is an IGA Store, a baker, cafes, post office, laundromat, pub/bottleshop, butcher, hairdresser and barber, a doctor and a child care service.

Please click here for a list of services with contact numbers.

We will have a bus on-site that can take people into Imbil most days or in the evening if people want to have meal “in town”.

On-site Catering

A range of caterers will be on site from early in the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ will be updated with answers to the various enquiries we receive. Please check back here for updated information, or submit your question to us at info@stirlingscrossingendurance.asn.au.  

Can I change my nomination?

Yes – you can change your nomination right up to 29 June 2019 when Manehub will close. You should have been sent a link with the other information you received – https://www.manehub.co/tq19change.html

After 29 June 2019, any changes will be made by our data entry volunteers when you nominate.

Why is my nomination not showing on AeraSpace?

There may be various reasons why your nomination does not immediately show on the pre-nominations on AeraSpace.  It may be because we have not caught up or it may be because your horse’s status has not been updated to “endurance”.  Send an email to info@stirlingscrossingendurance.asn.au to let us know when your horse’s status has been updated and we will then enter your nomination on the public domain.

Can I still buy dinner tickets?

Dinner tickets are capped at 400 and we have sold 289 as of 13 May at 7.00 am. You can go back to book or pay for your dinner tickets using the link https://www.manehub.co/tq19paymybalance.html.  Again all dinner tickets must be paid for by 29 June 2019.  Cancellations after that will be allowed if we have someone to on-sell your tickets to.

What is refundable?

The TQ19 Committee has agreed that the full nomination fee will be refunded up to Thursday 10 July.  The actual refund may not be processed until after the event as we will be pretty busy.

When do we have to arrive?

All horses and riders are required to be on-site by 4.00 pm on Thursday 11 July 2019. That  means being at Imbil Showgrounds for biosecurity and horse health assessments by 3.00 pm.  We are aiming to do all weighing on Thursday afternoon but will be able to catch up on the odd one on Friday morning.

When do we do Team Nominations?

Nominations for teams are usually done on the day by AERA, after pre-ride vetting has been completed.  You can nominate prior to the event by completing this form and depositing money directly as per the instructions on the form.  Be sure to note the deposit as TQ Team <<name>> or part thereof and send the form to secretary@aera.asn.au.  Changes can be made on the day to accommodate other changes.

How cold will it be at Imbil?

Last year we ran the Qld State Championships at the same venue and it was allegedly the coldest night that had been experienced in Imbil.  The ride base is lower and mist sets in and the frost.  Expect a very cold start and finish to the TQ19 and a temp of around 20° by midday.

Are fires allowed at TQ19?

Fires are allowed at individual campsites but must be in an enclosed container, set on a metal base.  Fires must be attended at all times.  Firewood can be purchased from a local supplier via our online shop with The Rural Shop (link in Feed Section above) and can be delivered to the venue along with other products.  Early orders have more chance of being fulfilled.

What are the biosecurity requirements for horses attending TQ19?

The only biosecurity requirement for horses leaving the TQ19 event in Queensland is that horses returning to a tick free zone must spray their horses for ticks and be able to show evidence of this.  Imbil is in a cattle tick zone and if you are returning to another state your horse/s must be sprayed for cattle tick  by an accredited certifier.  To make it easier for you to plan your return journey we will have an accredited certifier on site from Sunday morning until Monday afternoon.  The fee for this is $10 per horse and you must have a movement record.  The fee must be paid to the certifier at the time of spraying and you will be issued with a certificate.  We will be collecting numbers when you present at the Imbil Showgrounds.

As an international rider what paperwork do I have to bring?

If you are nominating as an international rider you will have a letter of no objection from your national federation and evidence of having completed a 160 km ride.

How will the Strapping Area work?

People will be able to set up their strapping areas on Friday afternoon/evening.  There is no requirement that all horses must use the strapping area and/or that they must remain in the strapping area after vetting.  No yards of gazebos can be set up in the strapping area.  Hot water will be available from a gas hot water system.